Quick Guide: How to get a Parent Visa in Australia

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Parents and Student graduating from Australia

It is really common that as an International Student you feel homesick sometimes or in need of help while studying in Australia. The feeling can get worse when you decide to keep your life in Australia and become a permanent resident. 

You can go visit your family in your home country or they can go to Australia from time to time. But the truth is, these trips can get expensive and it is not the same having your family living far from you. Another thing that you may think, is that you would love to give them the high-quality life you have and that it is a shame that your parents can’t get in your home country.

But don’t worry, we have good news for you. The Australian Government allows you to sponsor a visa for your parents for them to come live in Australia as well. Of course, you have to comply with certain criteria. If this information interests you, keep reading. 

Parent Visa Requirements

To apply for this visa, you have to comply with the following criteria:

·      The sponsor has to be a permanent resident that has lived in Australia for at least 2 years and has been working in the country as well. 

·      For the parents, they need to have the same number of sons/daughters living in Australia than living in other countries. 

·      The parents can’t have health issues or a criminal record. 

·      The parents need to be outside of Australia when deciding on the application.

·      Your parents don’t have to hold a parent temporary visa when applying to this new one.

If you and your parents meet this criteria, then you can proceed with the application. If you feel that your case is more specific or different do not hesitate to visit the Australian Government website to see if you are still eligible. 

Parent and children paperwork

Types of Parent Visa

Remember that 3 Parent Visa Types exist and you must apply according to your needs. The main differences are the age if your parents are old enough to apply to the aged parent visa or to the regular one. 

Also, it depends on the waiting times, if you want to wait longer but pay less the non-contributory ones are for you. If you want to wait less and you don’t mind paying more than the contributory visas are the ones for you. 

Contributory Parent Visa

The difference between this visa and the Non-contributory one is that the contribution is $47755 per parent. However, the good news is that the waiting time for this visa is 14 months while the Non- Contributory visa may take years. 

Non-Contributory Parent Visa

The best thing about this visa is that it doesn’t cost as much as the Contributory one. It costs $6415 but the waiting times are way longer. You have to be patient. 

Aged Parent Visa

Your parents have to meet an age requirement. In other words, being old enough to receive the age pension in Australia. The cost is the same as the Contributory Parent Visa: $47755 per parent.

Non-Contributory Aged Parent Visa

As with the Non-Contributory parent’s Visa, waiting times are way longer than the Aged Parent Visa. The difference may be years, but the price is relatively lower. It costs $6415.

For all these visa applications there is not an exact time that you have to wait but the government has put at your disposal Parent Visa Release dates to know from which year the applications have been processed and help estimate a time. 

Aged Parents with Daughter in Australia

Rights with a Parent Visa

With this Visa, your parents can stay in Australia as permanent residents, sponsor other family members to come living to Australia as a permanent resident as well, or even apply to become an Australian citizen if they are eligible. 

Of course, your parents can also work in Australia and enroll in Australia’s public health care. Keep in mind that they also have some travel limitations with this visa. For 5 years they can travel outside Australia and come back with no problem. But after those 5 years, they will need a Resident Return Visa.

Another option is for your parents to apply for Australian citizenship. In this way, they don’t need more visas to re-enter Australia as they will be granted an Australian passport. 

Mother and daughter doing some research

How do I Apply?

1.     To apply you have to see if you and your parents are eligible first. 

2.    After that, you can apply for the visa and pay the first instalment. Remember that you need to do this payment in two parts. 

3.     An agent will assess your application and place it in the queue, you will have to wait for a place to be available.

4.     Finally, an agent will assess your application again and you will have to pay for the second instalment. 

5.     After this process, your parents will get your visa. 

As stated before, waiting times are still unknown. You can get help with your application with a registered migration agent. He will guide you through all the process and let you know what documents you need. 

What documents do I need?

For the application, you and your parents will need the following:

–       Identity documents like the passport and a national identity card if you have one for you and for the sponsored parent. 

–       Balance of family documents

–       Australian police certificate and overseas police certificate for every country you and your parents spent more than 10 years in since you were 16 years old. 

–       Military service records if this applies

–       4 recent photos of 45mm x 35mm of every person included in the application

Take into account that depending on your specific case you may need more documents than that so please consult with your migration agent or go directly to the government website.

Student reading requirements

Remember that it is really important to gather all the possible information about all the Parent Visa types for you to make an informed decision. Talk with your parents to know if they would like to apply and get to a decision together. 

The best advice is to talk to an immigration agent. Remember that you can find one in our app, so don’t hesitate to download Aussiety.

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