What are the requirements to study medicine in Australia?

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If you have a generous spirit, love to help people and to service your community, an excellent option for you would be to study medicine.

Medicine is a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself both, internally and professionally, as it will give you a lot of gratification.

Moreover, it is one of the best-paid careers in the world. It is also a high-demanded profession in Australia, so probably once you finish your studies, you will have several job opportunities.

Why study medicine in Australia?

At this point, you may be thinking about the possibility of studying medicine in your home country or abroad. So, if you need to make a decision, let us tell you why you should study medicine in Australia

Australia has some of the best universities in the world

Universities in Australia have an excellent reputation, and medical schools are no exception.

It is in Australia that ultrasounds, IVF treatment and heart transplant were developed.

Moreover, the Australian medical qualification is recognised in the majority of countries in the world.  

Modern facilities

Medical schools have all the facilities necessary for you to develop your medical expertise.

They have modern laboratories that guarantee you, excellence and innovation. 

Research-oriented education

Studying medicine in Australia is practice-oriented as you will start having experience from the first year. Also, you will have a holistic learning experience by integrating clinical disciplines with medical science. 

Most importantly, researching also will start from the beginning, and this will add up to your curriculum.

Medicine student in Australia

Is it possible for international students to study medicine in Australia?


Australia has an increasing need for medical practitioners due to the growing population as well as COVID-19 consequences.

Therefore, even if these programs are more expensive than others, any international student would be able to study and find job opportunities that will let cover the study investment.

As a student

As a student of medicine, you will need the same type of visa as other students that want to complete a different career. This visa is the subclass 500 student visa.

Remember that to obtain this visa, you will have to be accepted and enrolled in a Medicine School already. 

The advantages of this visa are that you can study and work in Australia, which means you can do your practices without any problem.

Also, you will be able to apply for the Post-Graduate Visa if you plan to stay in Australia after finishing your studies to gain job experience. 

As a practitioner

The Australian government is willing to sponsor a practitioner that fits into their requirements. Several occupations are valid for the General Skilled Migration Program. 

Take into consideration that all medical Universities in Australia are accredited by the Australian Medical Council. It means that they recognise all medical degrees offered in Australia.

However, as an International Student, if you want to go back to your home country, you must ask if your Australian degree will be valid.

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What are the requirements to study medicine in Australia?

There are two levels of medical programs available in Australia: Undergraduate and Graduate.

The standard requirements are the following:

  • Language Proficiency
  • High School Diploma
  • Certified Grade Certificate

Each of the levels has its requirements, as they are also meant for students with different education level. 

Undergraduate Medical Program

These programs have a duration of 5 to 6 years, and you can apply directly after finishing High School.

The requirements for entering the undergraduate program are the following:

  • Undergraduate Medical Admission Test Score (UMAT)

It is a test administered by the Australian Council for Education Research for students to enter Medical Schools. 

  • A medical interview with the university you wish to enter.
  • Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) that is a score that shows what your position is among other students your age. 
  • Some may ask for completed specific subjects such as chemistry, biology, among others.
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Graduate Medical Program

You can enter graduate-entry medicine programs if you already hold a bachelor’s degree.

These programs have a duration of 4 years, where 2 years are for clinical training.

The requirements for entering the Graduate program are the following:

  • An undergraduate degree in science
  • Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test
  • Medical College Admission test

The best universities to study medicine in Australia

You will have a lot of options to study Medicine in Australia.

However, according to the worldwide ranking, the best Universities in Australia to study medicine are the following:

  1. The Australian National University Medical School – It ranks as the best one in the country.
  1. The University of Sydney – You have the option to combine other disciplines with medical science.
  1. University of Melbourne – It was the first Medical School in Australia. Renowned for health research and practice.
  1. Monash University in Melbourne – It offers early exposure to clinical environments including metro, rural and overseas experiences. 
  1. Flinders University in South Australia – It pioneered a 4-year degree, contrary to the traditional 5 to 6 years Undergraduate program
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How long does it take to study medicine in Australia?

The duration of the program generally depends on what major you want to pursue.

In the following list, you will find an approximate of years that it would take you to complete each major:

  • General Medicine: 4 to 6 years
  • Veterinary: 6 years
  • Dentistry: 5 to 6 years
  • Pharmacy: 5 to 6 years
  • Nursing: 3 to 4 years

Furthermore, there are some steps that you need to follow to become a doctor in Australia.

First, you have to get into undergraduate medical school, and according to the major you choose, it will take you from 4 to 6 years. 

After that, you will have to do an Internship in a hospital that will last one year that has to include rotation in medicine, surgery and emergency medicine.

If you want to enrol into the Graduate Program, you still need to do Residency which can last from 1 year to 2.

Moreover, you can also do a subspecialty that may last from one to two years to finally decide if you want to pursue your PhD studies, in case you are looking for competitive jobs.

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How much does it cost to study medicine in Australia?

Tuition for a year on an average would cost $65000.

It means that you will need a total average of $390 000 to complete your medical studies in Australia.

You also have to consider that you will have to pay for the flight, accommodation, living expenses, and your student visa that cost an average of $620. 

In conclusion, studying in Australia means a significant advantage for your work life.

You will have the option to stay in this beautiful country to implement what you learned or go overseas afterwards. 

Remember that the majority of countries in the world recognise the Australian education. That is why by studying here, you are working towards your future.

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